A downloadable game for Windows

A procedurally generated platformer where the level generation is `Out of` my `Control` and into yours!

Tweets with the `#Speclucky` hashtag will show up in the game in the order they are tweeted! Tweet list will be updated roughly hourly for the duration of rating (when automation is working smoothly..). The game will require an internet connection to pull in the updated tweet lists!

Your tweets can contain level layout requests like `lots of bats` or `no spikes`. Additionally all text in the tweet will go into the seed for the level layout generation. For each level the tweet that generated it is shown to the player right before they dive in. 

Get your tweet in early to be permanently in one of the first few levels!


Programming/Design/Art - @neipo13

Music / SFX - @TheCalebOrion (https://cheekylions.itch.io/)

Key Art - @lobsterblues


Jump - Z/Space

Shoot - X

Move - arrows or WASD

Skip level (incase one is not completable) - Enter


speclucky-windows.zip 19 MB
Version 20 Jul 12, 2020

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